LaTeX Formatter

    $formatter = new \Kadet\Highlighter\Formatter\LatexFormatter($styles = false);

The default theme


This formatter does output only highlighted part - not full LaTeX document - and because so it requires some additional setup to compile properly:

  • Unless you use XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX, \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} is required;
  • If you apply a theme which uses colors, \usepackage{xcolor} is also mandatory;
  • If you are using Latin Modern, lighttt option is recommended for better distinction between normal and bold text.
  • The code should be inside alltt environment or similar (but not verbatim) for correct line breaks.
  • \usepackage{upquote} is recommended to get straight-up quotes.

Example correct preamble:




Generated code goes here...



Theme file is built just like CLI theme file:

<?php return [
    '' => [ ...options... ]  

The default theme (utilizing only font attributes) can be found in Styles/Latex/Default.php. Tokens may be styled with bold/italic font variant, underline and of course colors. Available colors are determined by what options are given to xcolor.