There are several ways of creating language objects, but we can divide them into two basic categories:

Directly with class name

First of all you can just create new object, it's the best way if you exactly know language that you want to highlight and it's not dependent on any input.

use Kadet\Highlighter\Language;

$language = new Language\Php([options]); 


But it's not the only way, if chosen language is dependent on some kind of input, it'd be much better to use some of helper factory methods:

use Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Language;

$language = Language::byName('php', [options]); // with name
$language = Language::byMime('application/x-php', [options]); // with MIME type
$language = Language::byFilename('test.php', [options]); // by extension

All alias definitions can be found in Config/metadata.php

NOTE: This is computer generated file

Language reference

Class Name MIME Extension
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Python\Django django, jinja application/x-django-templating, application/x-jinja none
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Css css text/css *.css
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Cpp cpp, c++ text/x-c++src, text/x-c++hdr *.cpp, *.hpp, *.hxx, *.cxx, *.cc, *.hh
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Latex tex, latex application/x-tex, application/x-latex *.tex, *.aux, *.toc
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Sql sql text/x-sql *.sql
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Apache apache none .htaccess
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Go go, golang text/x-go, application/x-go, text/x-golang, application/x-golang *.go
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Html html text/html *.html, *.htm
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Haskell haskell text/x-haskell *.hs
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\PlainText plaintext, text, none text/plain none
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Assembler asm, assembler text/x-asm *.asm
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Markdown markdown, md text/markdown *.markdown, *.md
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Ruby ruby text/x-ruby, application/x-ruby *.rb, *.rbw, Rakefile, *.rake, *.gemspec, *.rbx, *.duby, Gemfile
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Http http none none
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Xml xml application/xml, text/xml *.xml
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Php php text/x-php, application/x-php *.php, *.phtml, *.inc, *.php?
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\TypeScript ts, typescript application/typescript, application/x-typescript, text/x-typescript, text/typescript *.ts, *.tsx
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Python python, py text/x-python, application/x-python *.py
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Shell shell, bash, zsh, sh text/x-shellscript, application/x-shellscript *.sh, *.zsh, *.bash, *.ebuild, *.eclass, *.exheres-0, *.exlib, .bashrc, bashrc, .bash_*, bash_*, PKGBUILD
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\PowerShell powershell, posh text/x-powershell, application/x-powershell *.ps1, *.psm1, *.psd1
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Xaml xaml none *.xaml
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\JavaScript js, jscript, javascript application/javascript, application/x-javascript, text/x-javascript, text/javascript, application/json *.js, *.jsx
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\C c text/x-csrc, text/x-chdr *.c, *.h, *.idc
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Twig twig text/x-twig *.twig
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\CSharp CSharp, C# text/x-csharp *.cs
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Perl perl text/x-perl, application/x-perl *.pl, *.pm, *.t
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Ini ini text/x-ini, text/inf *.ini, *.cfg, *.inf
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Css\Sass sass text/x-sass *.sass
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Css\Less less text/x-less *.less
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Css\Scss scss text/x-scss *.scss
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Sql\MySql mysql text/x-mysql none
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Java java text/x-java *.java
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Prolog prolog text/x-prolog *.prolog
Kadet\Highlighter\Language\Cobol cobol text/x-cobol *.cbl